As a versatile abstract visual artist based in Sydney, Danielle Cross is a maestro of creativity, seamlessly transitioning from mesmerizing paintings to evocative photography. Her abstract works become a dance of movement and enigmatic compositions, while her photography casts imagery into abstract forms, rendering waves and landscapes with the nuanced strokes of a brush, rather than through the lens. Danielle believes art is a conduit for profound connections—between the artwork, the artist, and the fleeting essence of a moment in time.

Beyond her own canvas, Danielle is an enigmatic guide for brands seeking resonance. Her brand strategy orchestrates identities, drawing from her intrinsic understanding of creative dynamics. She crafts bespoke brand kits that meticulously curate visual elements, ensuring consistency and authenticity. With an intuitive hand, she directs the social symphony of these brands, expertly crafting narratives that harmonize with her unique artistic voice.


+61 413 181 498